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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, every day, 1 in 7 children in Broward County went to bed hungry. Though we don’t know the exact number, we do know that the number of food-insecure households in Broward County has increased dramatically since March 2020. Food insecurity refers to lack of access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods. Food insecurity and hunger are real issues impacting real people … our neighbors, kids in our children’s classes, or families we never noticed. Some of the most vulnerable people in our community are impacted by food insecurity and hunger; they need our help.

LifeNet4Families is one of Broward County’s largest social service agencies and has been helping to support the community for 30+ years. It provides a gateway to stability for people in Broward County experiencing hunger, homelessness and poverty. It provides food, clothing, showers, counseling, and other services. Prior to the pandemic, LifeNet4Families provided food for 1,500 households a month at an average monthly cost of $16,000. Currently, more than 4,000 households depend upon LifeNet4Families to help put food on their tables. The average monthly cost has increased to approximately $45,000.

19 years ago Andy Cagnetta invited family and friends to dinner at LifeNet4Families to share how the not-for-profit organization helps the community. Over the years, it evolved into Andy’s Annual Family Pasta Dinner; the goal of which was to raise much needed funds to support the work of LifeNet4Families and to teach kids the importance of giving back. This year the financial need is greater than ever before.

Two years ago, Brendan served as a Jr. Chef at Andy’s Annual Family Pasta Dinner; it was a wonderful experience. He learned about LifeNet4Families, volunteered his time, and helped raise money to support the program. This year our whole family is participating. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve heard, “We’re all in this together.” We may all be weathering the same storm, but we are all in very different boats. Our family is immensely grateful for our boat and wants to help others who are struggling to stay afloat. We are asking for your help in the way of a donation to support LifeNet4Families and the needs they help address in our community. Together, we can help make a difference!

Thank you for your partnership.
The Kenny Family
Sean, Melissa, Brendan, and Liam

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